For busy professional dads that struggle to put themselves first whilst consistently improving across multiple areas of life...

Discover The Only Brotherhood You Need
To Master Mind, Body, Relationships, And
Career, While Living with A Greater Sense Of Meaning and Purpose.

"As a dad......the strength of your marriage, your family, and your life relies on your
development as a man. One cannot thrive without the other."

"The Guild of Dads Brotherhood has been exceptionally helpful. I was looking for ways to improve as a father and husband, and to get out of the patterns or ruts I had made for myself.We get together twice a month to discuss ideas, challenge each other and ourselves, discuss particular issues, and use the brotherhood to communicate at other times and be accountable for our plans and goals.I can honestly say that in the few months since I have joined, the Guild has made a significant difference and I am just getting going."Craig

Once upon a time you stood as a young man with your whole life ahead of you.You had a rough plan of sorts, a well trodden path of settling down, getting a property, having kids and living happily ever after.You thought that fatherhood would be the pinnacle of your life, and that marriage would see you sail off into the sunset living happily ever after.But here you are with everything you ever wanted and feeling more lost, empty and without direction than ever before.What will the next chapter of your life look like if things stay as they are?

I think you've fallen into one of these traps:

  • Trap 1) You buy every self-help book, listen to every podcast, and subscribe to every free piece of information to improve yourself, but you are still struggling to apply any of what you learn consistently.

  • Trap 2) Procrastination, mental masturbation, and feeling stuck have become a consistent feature of your life. It feels like you are wasting time, holding back, fearful of change and trying new things.

  • Trap 3) You people please by saying "yes" to everything thrown your way by anyone so you end up drowning in a sea of overwhelm without focus or direction, holding on desperately to a life that feels like a runaway train.

  • Trap 4) Your circle of friends and family around you are pessimistic, unsupportive, and constantly complain about their lot in life, which drains you of your drive and enthusiasm.

  • Trap 5) You have a good idea of what you would like to change in your life but lack clarity, confidence, and strategies, to bring these changes to life.

  • Trap 6) Society has taught you that you must stay in line as a dad and that your needs come last, to put yourself first would be self-centred, neglectful and selfish, even though following this advice makes you feel like s**t.

  • Trap 7) You are desperate to have a better marriage than your parents did, and be a better dad than your father ever was but you feel like you are failing miserably.

  • Trap 8) You've fallen into the "Lone Wolf Fallacy" of believing you can do this thing called life all by yourself, you don't need help from anyone, least of all other men.

Bonus Trap - The Most Fatal Of Them All:

Whilst caught in this vicious cycle of spinning your wheels, trying for a week or two, then giving up, your confidence is smashed to pieces.The aftermath?A trail of poor mental health, failing relationships, physical exhaustion and work dissatisfaction.

My Year of Hell And
My Journey From Miserable to Meaningful

It's 2015 and to anyone looking in on my life it looks great, a beautiful wife, two lovely girls, a place of our own, a job that paid well and a nice lifestyle.But inside I was struggling to hold things together....... badly, and the cracks were beginning to show. After losing my mum in my teens I'd followed the path everyone else did. Trying to be the man I believed everyone wanted of me and expected of me.I tried harder and harder.My marriage had been faltering, and here I was responsible for raising two children of my own with my wife.In February of that year I got a call from my step-mum to say that my dad was being rushed into hospital with a stroke which would turn out to be the first of two, the second of which was fatal.Dads death knocked me for six and at 36 years old with both of my parents now gone, I began to question what my life really meant for me.But 2015 wasn't done with me yet and a six figure unpaid business debt went on for months threatening to sink our second generation family business.I dreaded getting up every day and couldn't wait to get into bed every night, with sleep being the only real escape from the ordeal that was happening to me daily.

In the wake of 2015, and at the midway point of life, I began to ask myself some questions:

  • What did I want the rest of my life to look like?

  • What would people say about me after I was gone?

  • Was I really living up to my full potential or living a life of half measures?

  • Had I been holding back and playing it safe?

Then one day I was driving to work and a chance podcast listen changed my life.The guy being interviewed was talking about a brotherhood for men that he ran in the United States.He described how men in this brotherhood were encouraged to design a vision in every single area of their lives, and work towards this vision with the support of other men keeping them accountable. The brotherhood also had regular challenges for men to to expand what they thought was possible for them in life. Being surrounded by others on a similar journey, they were no longer going it alone.I signed up the same day and over the next 18 months my life changed dramatically.

What I learned about through my experience:

  • How powerful it was to have a brotherhood of other men around me, keeping me accountable for the promises I made to myself and others.

  • That I could set bold and audacious objectives in my life, that nobody around me would ever dream of, and bring them to life.

  • How I could take 100% responsibility for the things in my control, and stop making excuses.

  • That by going on a journey towards a compelling vision, my life had a purpose and felt meaningful.

  • How I could be deliberate and intentional, in how I showed up to every area of my life.

  • The key to establishing good habits, and aligning them with the man I wanted to become.

  • That it was possible to thrive in multiple areas of life, at the same time, instead of focussing on one area to the exclusion of others.

It was transformational for me and took me from feeling
disempowered, helpless and hapless, to thriving.

How You Will Begin to See Different Results in Your Life.

  • 1) Vision & Future: Learn how to get really clear on what you would like your future to look like so that you have a greater degree of clarity and less distraction about where you are headed.

  • 2) Less Is More: You can't make progress in life if you are trying to do everything. Learn how to Prioritise the most important things in your life.

  • 3) Action Taking: Understand how to take cold, hard, action, banish perfectionism and procrastination so you can make bold moves forward in your life. Confront your fears!!!

  • 4) You Come First: Reprogram yourself to unapologetically put yourself first so you can show up to life firing on all cylinders.

  • 5) Build Your Team: Find out how to assemble a team of men both on and offline who support you and hold you accountable to yourself and others.

  • 6) Transform Your Relationships: Get really aware of why you behave the way you do and how you can change this to improve as a husband and father.

If you hadn't noticed already this is about showing up, developing yourself and allowing the fruits of your self improvement to impact every area of your life. I call it "Dadprovement" which is the process of allowing fatherhood to improve you as a man.When you do this you end up firing on all cylinders, your marriage transforms, and the impact that this has on your children and all those around you is immense.Take it from me when I say you cannot underestimate the positive impact this will make to your life and everyone you come into contact with.

Transform Your Life
As A Dad Today

Introducing The Guild of Dads Brotherhood

  • Learn and apply powerful self-improvement concepts via a monthly topic, and challenges so that you can become consistent in learning and applying new information to your life.

  • Be part of an action orientated group of dads, to begin crushing the procrastination and sense of feeling stuck that holds dads like you back in life.

  • Develop a clear vision for your future, that is unique to you, so no more being pushed and pulled around by the whims and agendas of others.

  • Join with other dads who are positive and optimistic about your dreams, who want to see you succeed, and who will supercharge your own belief for what is possible for you.

  • Learn how to put together a clear plan and blueprint, that will take you towards the life you want, and give you a renewed sense of direction, purpose and meaning.

  • Put yourself first in life and prioritise what is important to you, so that finally you can show up at 100% where it really matters to you.

  • Be an unapologetic and strong leader of yourself, your marriage and your family, to really connect with your wife and give your wife back the husband she always wanted, and your kids the dad they deserve.

  • Finally stop spinning your wheels, get off the passenger seat your life has become, and take the wheel. Take responsibility and ownership of transforming your own life and impacting the lives of those around you.

  • Cultivate habits that align with the man you want to become, develop boundaries to ensure others respect you, and get an idea of what your needs are, along with how to communicate them.

You Gain Instant Access to All Of The Above Via

Dedicated Online Interface

Stay in contact with the other men on the brotherhood 24/7 via mobile app or desktop

Twice Monthly Zoom Calls

On the 'Dadprovement Sessions' calls you can connect with other dads from all over the world.

A Growing Resource Library

Articles, Checklists and Roadmaps for the areas of life that cause us the biggest challenges.

A Copy of The Dad Blueprint

My book that lays out chapter and verse how you create a Vision in your life and plan to go after it.

Accountability Tracking Hardwired

If there is a goal or something you want to achieve we will help you stay accountable and achieve it.

Regular Monthly Study Topics

Each month you will delve into a new topic to help you grow and develop as a father and husband.

What Dads In The Brotherhood Say

"Before joining the Guild of Dads Brotherhood my biggest struggle was wanting to improve in myself but having no direction in where to start. I needed guidance on where to look and how to implement.My biggest hesitation in joining was probably the unknown. I’m not the most socially ‘active’ person and would have been slightly concerned about not being right for the group.It became apparent very quickly that there isn’t a stereotypical ‘dad’, and we can all benefit from the community.Everyone is welcoming and looking at improvements from different starting points. This is particularly beneficial as often Joe and other members have first hand experience/advice to what we’re going through at any given time.I have benefited from understanding that a building block to everything comes from prioritising my own health. It’s not selfish as from this block comes better relationships and outlook on life. In the past I’d wear myself down and be in no mentally fit state to do anything except ‘go through the motions’.My favourite part is the community aspect. There is no judgement and we all 100% genuinely want each other to succeed and prosper in life.Joe isn’t pushy, he doesn’t pretend it’s always easy. He’s succinct and clear as to steps we can all take to better ourselves. He’s created a growing community of like minded people that can really help on so many aspects of everyday struggles.Life is hard sometimes, but knowing there are people who are going through/gone through the same stick is so useful".Ben

"When Joe wrote to me about The Guild of Dads Brotherhood, I was completely sold on the idea for the space where Dad's could get together, share their problems, struggles, keep each other accountable and provide network of support to each other.Before joining the brotherhood I had a big problem with emotional control, expressing myself and doing the things I said I would do. I had second thoughts of joining, due to fear of being judged, being labelled as the bad parent and a not good enough husband.In the first meeting I noticed that we were a bunch of dad's with different problems but the same goal, to be that 1% better everyday!Tasks we were given at the start, helped me to dwell deep inside myself and see what areas I need to work on the most, create a action plan, and tackle it head strong, I had a few bumps and ups and downs along the way but it was all part of the journey.The group has helped me to become more present, push myself harder, understand that it's all a process and that I'm not alone in my journey. What I like the most about the group is accountability, willingness to help, challenges that push me outside my comfort zone, and a network which I can reach out to and be part of".Raf